UI Design for BBC

BBC Apprentice

User interface design for The Predictor Application; an online prediction game featured on BBC’s The Apprentice website.

Monterosa Productions Ltd approached Super User Studio to produce the UI design for a web application for BBC’s The Apprentice website. The web application was a just-for-fun game which enabled users to predict who they thought would hear ‘You’re fired!’ from Sir Alan while watching the show in real-time. While the game didn’t influence the results of the programme, it cleverly harnessed viewer excitement and sustained their engagement by allowing users to accumulate points the longer they stuck with their prediction. The Apprentice Predictor was a powerful application and presented some fairly complex information design challenges. It also needed to have a high-end graphical interface to further engage the user, enhance its usability within certain technical restraints and reinforce the popular TV brand.

We started by identifying the scope of the user interface. We achieved this through the use of user scenarios to determine the differing ways in which the game might be interacted with and the varied outcomes these interactions might yield. This process was supported by Monterosa who produced paper wireframes. From this, we were able to produce the scope of the UI assets required in the form of an module and component list. This helped us ensure the graphical treatment remained consistent and professional.

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