Experience Design Digest #116 – AI, OpenBridge & Managing Priorities

AI, OpenBridge & Managing Priorities

“For product teams and user researchers, the power unleashed by GPT is very attractive indeed..”
Dani Jones


How to build ground-breaking products: A manager’s guide
Managing design ideas can be tough. We love the use of the Eisenhower Matrix for prioritisation. There’s nothing worse than working really hard on a design solution and at the end realising that we’re unaligned on the value or feasibility. Visualising priorities helps product teams align and focus on what provides the most value with the least amount of effort.

OpenBridge Design Guideline
The most popular design systems we see often serve to provide a similar array of components that are interacted with in a largely familiar way, they just happen to be skinned to fit Brand X – it can feel quite stale. Enter the OpenBridge design system. It is incredibly refreshing to dig in to because it implements components and patterns that are used within maritime workplaces and equipment. It is a really unique vertical that clearly surfaces lots of unique opportunity to solve very bespoke design problems.

How will AI Transform User Research Practices?
While still in its infancy and lacking the ability to assess qualitative inputs, we anticipate that AI will greatly facilitate the process of gathering user insight. Whether that’s by capturing data, augmenting the process of pattern spotting, cleansing data or simplifying how its communicated, AI can provide a powerful means of streamlining some aspects of the process and freeing up time for researchers to focus on the application of underlying insights.

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