Experience Design Digest #118 – Future of Product Design, Design Systems & “Making it Easier”

future of product design

“As humans, we want to be different; Brands want to be different. We will always be looking to push technology and visual experience no matter what the medium.”
Joseph Mueller


The Future of Digital Product Design
Three leading designers share their perspectives on the future of product design, surfacing the trends and context that will inform the way designers work.

“Make it Easier” is not a Product Strategy
We’ve all frequently heard the phrase ‘make it easier’, but it’s not an effective guiding principle or product strategy. Leadership should communicate a customer-focused vision to shape the strategy. This article demonstrates how a product hypothesis relying on “just make it easier” ultimately fails.

Design Systems for Figma
A collection of Figma Design System kits for some of the world’s biggest brands.

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Photo by Peerapon Chantharainthron on Unsplash

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