Experience Design Digest #119 – The UX Efficient Frontier, Ashby’s Law & Product Visioning

The UX Efficient Frontier, Ashby’s Law & Product Visioning

“In order for a system to survive and remain stable, it must match the complexity, diversity and variety of its environment.”
Dejan Blagic


The UX Efficient Frontier (and accompanying video.)
Great slidedeck from Morgane Peng on working with complex interfaces. It’s important to remember that a blend of business expertise and interface expertise is needed to create the best enterprise applications – something we balance everyday at Super User Studio.

Ashby’s Law
Designing for complex enterprise B2B software is a world away from the relative simplicity seen in most B2C applications. Ashby’s Law helps us understand and put focus on the complexity of a user’s mental model and the interfaces they are engaged with.

Guide to Product Visioning
Without a product vision, everyone has their own view on the direction of the product and everything becomes a priority. While it may feel collaborative and productive, it ultimately leads to missed potential. Learn techniques for working effectively with other teams and get everyone aligned around the same product goals with this free B2B Product Vision guide.

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