Experience Design Digest #121 – Retaining “the Craft”, Accessibility & Design Systems

Retaining "the Craft", Accessibility & Design Systems

“How do you take visceral emotion and love for a brand, a product and an experience, mix that with utility and then just make it almost unstoppable?”


Finding Our Way
A great podcast on the Craft-led Design Executive with Peter Merholz and Jesse James Garrett. Interesting points from Tim Allen about balancing design management with meaningful ‘craft-led’ contribution in the product design and development process.

Co-op Experience Library
The Co-Op Experience Library is another fantastic example of a large organisation showcasing how they create complete transparency within their business when it comes to Design.

4 Signs Your Software Product Isn’t As Accessible As You Think…
According to WHO, at least 2 billion of the world’s population live with disability and many of these people require assistive technologies to engage with digital products effectively. However, far too many software products were not created with accessibility baked in from the onset and bringing that in retrospectively presents a significant challenge. Balancing the BAU with this nature of production isn’t impossible though and is often planned into broader transformation or innovation projects. The first step is education and drawing on the large volume of resources available to support product managers.

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