Experience Design Digest #122 – Figma AI Plugins, Design Direction & Process

Figma AI Plugins, Design Direction & Process

“We kicked off with a clear problem definition that resonated with stakeholders deeply. We collected evidence that the problem exists and provided a step-by-step plan for resolving it.”
Andrey Sundiev


Design Direction As A Step Before Design System
Andrey Sundiev talks about the importance of setting Direction before getting too far with the implementation of a Design System and we couldn’t agree more. Sometimes we even need to retrofit the Direction for enterprise software clients, that is after some progress has already been made with a Design System but when inconsistencies are beginning to occur. The Direction is key to resolving those inconsistencies and to working towards lower maintenance costs and higher operational efficiency in the long term.

Figma AI Plugins
AI seems to be permeating every aspect of life in tech at the moment, and it’s no surprise to see many AI integrations directly within tools themselves. Here’s a fantastic round up of some must-have AI plug-ins for Figma that will help simplify your workflows.

How Design is Governance
Are poor experiences a result of bad design, or, are they a result of poor governance? Interesting case study that advocates incorporating systems thinking and research into the design process, (we strongly agree with Amber Case here).


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Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

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