Experience Design Digest #123 – AI Ethics, Apple Vision Pro & Double Diamond 4.1

AI Ethics, Apple Vision Pro & Double Diamond 4.1

“How do we build fair algorithms in an unfair society? Moreover, if we do, will society be ready to adopt them?”
Marion Baylé


Ethical dilemmas for designers working with AI
The key to working with AI responsibly is to create human-machine partnerships based on close collaboration, accountability and a commitment to overcome bias and inequalities.

Apple: Principles of spatial design
Apple unveiling Vision Pro at this years WWDC sees another big shift towards designing for immersive AR experiences. Watch Apple’s guidance on the basics of Spatial Design.

Double Diamond v4.1
Marking the Double Diamond’s 20-year anniversary, this article by Darren Yeo at UX Collective proposes a progressive update—Double Diamond 4.1—integrating artificial intelligence and systemic thinking.


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Photo by Zhiyue on Unsplash


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