Experience Design Digest #124 – Future of UX, The Unpredictability of Creativity & Figma Handoffs

Future of UX, The Unpredictability of Creativity & Figma Handoffs

“The UX revolution driven by spatial computing isn’t merely a transformation; it’s a potential quantum leap in how we engage with the digital world.”
James davis


A glimpse into the future of UX
An insightful piece by James Davis delves into how spatial computing stands to redefine our engagement with technology. With the potential to significantly impact our personal and professional experiences, this article offers a comprehensive overview of challenges, opportunities, and essential tools.

 ‘The creative process is fabulously unpredictable.’
In this interview, Jony Ive, former head of design at Apple, talks about the importance of being curiosity led when creating or designing as a group and how placing emphasis on what you can learn together during a project is crucial.

Designing a better design handoff file in Figma
Deliberating over details and spending your life zoomed into the pixels to create fantastic looking Figma files is great for creating excitement within the business, but unless that level of craft is carried through to the user’s experience it’s not been worthwhile. Ben Shih shares some great tips for helping align designers & developers to create a better design handoff file within Figma.

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