Experience Design Digest #125 – Product AI, Design Systems Directory & Dev Backlogs

Product AI, Design Systems Directory & Dev Backlogs

“Services that pioneer the development and adoption of new UX standards will become the new reference point, gaining increased visibility and successfully attracting new users.”
Jose A. Gonzalez Reboredo


A Product Tsunami is Coming
Nice article by Jose A. Gonzalez Reboredo on the disruptive tech changes that AI brings from a Product Manager’s perspective. We’re already starting to see established digital products and services that effectively integrate AI, setting a new bar for enhanced user experience. In our opinion, setting a clear vision has never been more critical to achieving this success.

Design Systems Directory
A Design Systems directory worth bookmarking. This directory surfaces results from public-facing design systems for the biggest platforms and businesses allowing designers to uncover well-researched patterns and components quicker.

Different Models for Incorporating UX Work into Development Backlogs
In this article, Nielsen Norman Group explores the various approaches to embedding UX iteration into development backlogs. While a few years old now, with the focus on AI integration for many software providers it’s also a great time to give consideration to how these models might aid juggling the competing priorities of innovation and iteration.

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