Experience Design Digest #126 – Atlassian Design Guidelines, Design Leadership & Product Vision

Atlassian Design Guidelines, Design Leadership & Product Vision

This week we share Tim Herbig’s post on how internal and external drivers can help shape and create the product vision, along with the right tools and guidance.  We also share Survival tips for new Design Leaders from Matthew Godfrey and discover how Atlassian’s Design Guidelines were effectively implemented at scale.

“Defining your Product Vision from scratch can feel like navigating in the dark. You have to stay true to what matters to your company and the users you want to serve. And while the generic vision statements you can find on the internet look clean and straightforward, in practice they are hard to achieve.”
Tim Herbig


How to Define an Ambitious Product Vision to Drive your Product Strategy
Tim Herbig shares his experience with defining a Product Vision and how to synthesise input from inside and outside the business to create a future state that everyone can get on board with.

The tough road from Designer to Leader
A candid reflection by Matthew Godfrey UX Collective on the transition from being an IC Designer to a Design Leader, offering survival tips and insights on the importance of trust, delegation, and prioritising people over tasks.

Atlassian Design Guidelines
Matt Bond discusses how Atlassian implemented their Design Guidelines across multiple products and a large organisation.

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