Experience Design Digest #127 – The State of User Research 2023, Product Ops & Design Systems

Product Ops & Design Systems

This week we share the annual State of User Research report from the team at User Interviews, which includes the makeup of research teams and practices, the use of AI, and the impact of the economy.  We also bring you an article on the importance of Product Operations and Dan Mall’s take on six different types of Design Systems.


The State of User Research 2023 
This report provides a comprehensive view on the field, exploring in-depth how research teams are working today. For those B2B product teams looking to embark on more formal user research practices, there are some key takeaways to draw on, including that typically research studies involve a sample size of 8 participants and most researchers recruit from their existing customer base.

Product operations – the secret to delivering better products faster

“A product operations function can save time in roadmap planning and bring process, structure and efficiency to the entire product development lifecycle (PDLC).”
Srinath Kotela

Interesting article about Product Operations by Srinath Kotela at JPMorgan Chase. We think that this approach can be especially effective when aligned with other operational functions; DesignOps, DevOps, ResearchOps etc. We agree with Srinath that you don’t have to be a large enterprise to implement Product & other Ops – smaller organisations can start taking logical pragmatic steps towards this. You’ll thank yourself later down the line.

What is a design system?
Dan Mall discusses the various types of Design Systems he has encountered in his career, and helps to break down what the phrase ‘Design System’ means to other designers.


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