Experience Design Digest #128 – Lessons in Innovation, Design System Blindspots & Business Design

Empowering Your Business with Cloud Computing Technology, Generative AI

This week we share innovation lessons from some of the most successful business founders. We also share an article on the importance of Business Design for holistic value and uncover how to manage Design System blindspots successfully in Design Systems implementation.


“Hard times require clear leadership, and one of the key roles a leader can plan is to create the conditions necessary for innovation.”


5 Timeless Lessons About Innovation From Some of the Most Successful Founders
Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies podcast shares key insights around the narrative of innovation from world leading founders.

Unmasking the Design System Blindspots

‘There is no such thing as a perfect design system’

Marianne Ashton-Booth discusses navigating and rectifying the imperfections that can arise as you build out your design system.

Product Adding Holistic Value through Business Design
Great article by Leonardo De La Rocha, which emphasises the addition of holistic value and alignment through Business Design. It highlights the need for more designers to become strong partners for product management – something we at Super User Studio wholeheartedly agree with. Business design offers the potential to align customer and business value and foster innovation. For those interested, we suggest kicking off with d.MBA’s free 7 day email course.


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