Experience Design Digest #129 – Vision as a Team Sport, Effective Design Teamwork & Empowering Inclusivity

Vision as a Team Sport, Design Teamwork & Empowering Inclusivity

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital product design, collaboration, and inclusivity stand as twin pillars of excellence. This week, we delve into the heart of these principles, exploring how teams can align their visions, the secrets behind effective design teamwork, and the tools that empower us to create for everyone. We believe that understanding these facets is crucial for any forward-thinking enterprise. Dive into this week’s digest to uncover insights that could reshape the way you approach design.

“Creating accessible designs is a key consideration for any project, as it ensures that all users can access and use the product or service.”Lloyd Sutton


Vision is a Team Sport
Jesse James Garrett recently highlighted the importance of Product Management and Design working together to form a unified vision. It’s common to observe misalignment among Enterprise SaaS teams, with stakeholders each pursuing their distinct visions. Instead, Product and Design teams should collaborate seamlessly, cultivating a singular direction.

The Secrets of Effective Design Teamwork
Effective teamwork can be hard for designers when working within distributed teams or multiple products using a centralised Design System. Joanna N. discusses why collaboration matters and the importance of getting it right.

Empowering Inclusivity: How GOV.UK Prototype Kit Helps Design for Accessibility
Lloyd S. explains how leveraging the GOV.UK Prototype Kit, can help designers develop products and services that cater to the requirements of all users, irrespective of their abilities.


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