Experience Design Digest #130 – Navigating AI in Design, Apple’s AI Strategy & Design System Contributions

Navigating AI in Design, Apple's AI Strategy & Design System Contributions

As businesses define their strategy for the integration of AI, designers will play a significant role in ensuring its use is ethical and user-centred. This week, we explore how there’s still time for designers to get AI use right, how Apple is approaching its AI strategy, and the nuances of design system contribution.


There’s Still Time for Designers to Get AI Right
Ariam Mogos emphasises the pivotal role designers play in the realm of artificial intelligence. As AI continues to permeate various sectors, it’s imperative for designers to steer its direction, ensuring ethical and user-centric implementations.

Apple’s AI Strategy: A Well-Crafted Vision
Alena Harapeka shares Apple’s AI strategy, highlighting its well-thought-out approach. The strategy stands out for its focus on understanding Apple’s strengths and weaknesses, such as privacy and user experience. Apple’s approach is not about mimicking competitors but about amplifying its unique strengths, like its chips and on-device machine learning. The company’s vision is clear: leverage AI where it aligns with their core strengths without compromising their brand values.

Defining Design System Contributions
Nathan Curtis discusses the intricacies of design system contributions. He emphasises the need to differentiate between small, quick contributions and larger, more deliberate ones. The article sheds light on the challenges faced by design system teams in managing contributions and the importance of establishing clear definitions and workflows. Nathan advocates for a concrete understanding of what constitutes a contribution and the need to tailor workflows based on the scale and complexity of the contribution.


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