Experience Design Weekly #102 – Design Debt & OKRs for Design Teams for 2021

Design Debt & OKRs for Design Teams for 2021

“Good design is a language, not a style.”
Massimo Vignelli


A 4500-year-old lesson in product design
The evolution of every design is convoluted. We marvel at artistic and engineering perfection without considering the design process behind it. Here’s what ancient history can teach us about product design.

Reimagining OKRs for designers and design teams
This article explores the OKR-based model for goal setting and reviews, specifically for UX teams, and provides an overview of the benefits (and limitations) of using this approach.

How design debt can hurt your product
When a product is wrought with inconsistent UI, poor information architecture, unclear copy and fractured UX, we know it’s plagued with ‘design debt’. Here are 5 common causes (and how to prevent it).

How to (properly) break your design system
“Ninety percent of the job of a digital product designer is to think systematically about how a product will work: the rules, the requirements, the edge cases, the annotations, the hard work.
(I think they don’t tell you that in design school because most people would drop out).” A visual transcript of Fabricio Teixeira’s talk for Adobe Max from last month.

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