Experience Design Weekly #103 – Product Owners, Product Managers & Data Visualisation for 2021

Product Owners, Product Managers & Data Visualisation for 2021

“Design is so simple, that’s why it is so complicated.”
Paul Rand


The PO vs PM Debate
Let’s settle this once and for all: Product Managers versus Product Owners. Who owns what? What’s the difference between the two roles? How should they collaborate? An overview.

What type of SAAS are you building?
In a cluttered marketplace that has grown from 150 products to more than half a million in just a few short years, SAAS companies need to identify a niche to achieve consumer success. This article introduces the SAAS Types Matrix in an effort to clarify market positioning of top SAAS products, especially in the sales and MarCom areas.

Decluttering Data Visualisation
Designers must learn to make difficult cuts to eliminate non-essential data points to deliver better designs. Here, an overview on how to overcome the instinct to keep everything (and how to know what to eliminate).

OKRs in Product Management
In this World Product Day talk from ProductTank Stockholm, Roman Pichler shares his thoughts on setting effective product-related goals using OKRs. OKRs can be used to create product-related goals, but choosing the right goal for your product is more important than the specific goal-setting method you use.

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