Experience Design Weekly #104 – Psychology in Product Design & Voice Usability

Psychology in Product Design & Voice Usability

“Less is more work.”
Patric McCue


When Customer Journeys Don’t Work: Arcs, Loops, & Terrain
A different way to look at the work we do as designers (or anyone who touches the user experience or does service design kinds of work).

How to Start Applying Psychology in Product Design
To create such experiences designers do not make arbitrary decisions. Behind the simplicity of good design lies the study of patterns in human behavior and of human psychology.

Voice Content and Usability
When it comes to voice interfaces—the machines we conduct spoken conversations with—we face exciting challenges as designers and content strategists

Product Management & Deep Work
Product managers get the privilege of working with a mix of deep work professionals — designers, developers, data scientists, data engineers, architects, and more. Product managers need to understand deep work to communicate and collaborate with their colleagues effectively.

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