Experience Design Weekly #106 – Prioritising User Research & Automating Design

User Research & Automating Design

“Leave it better than you found it.”
Bruce A. Nordstrom


Software Is Automating Design. What Does That Mean For Designers?
As more and more traditional design tasks become automated, the role of the designer must shift. Beyond adding a slew of new software fluencies to their resumes, the coming era will require that designers take on new, expanded roles – ones that go well beyond what we’ve traditionally filed under the umbrella of design.

A matrix for prioritising user research
A guide on how to focus one’s efforts regarding research based on various situations.

Why Map in Discovery: 3 Mapping Methods
In the discovery phase of a UX project, mapping provides a high-level view of the problem space and makes opportunities obvious. Maps ensure buy-in and alignment around discovery findings.

Sound Design & the Perception of Time
A well-timed sound may affect the perception of visual events. One famous example is the so-called Double Flash Illusion, where sound makes some people see two rapid flashes instead of one.

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