Experience Design Weekly #108 – Designing Skill Grids & Naming Design Tokens

Designing Skill Grids & Naming Design Tokens

“Where you innovate, how you innovate, and what you innovate are design problems.”
Tim Brown


How to design Skill Grids for your product design team
Different steps you need to go through to build a skill grids for your team, and how useful it is in a managers’ daily life.

Naming design tokens
How to effectively name your design tokens in a systematic and future-proof way.

Choosing Chart Types: Consider Context
Clearly visualize your UX data by providing context and contrast, while avoiding clutter.

A comprehensive guide to creating intuitive context menus
Context menus have existed for decades, from macOS to Windows, from Xerox Parc to the web. They’re a widely understood user interface concept, but many new apps still fail to deliver them at the standard users have come to expect.

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