Experience Design Weekly #109 – One Size Fits All Personas & A11Y Checklist

One Size Fits All Personas & A11Y Checklist

“Number one for product design: minimize the gap between what your product is and why it exists.”
Luke Wroblewski


Why do we round corners
Rounded corners — they’re everywhere. From software user interfaces to hardware product design, there is something intrinsically satisfying about the look and feel of a rounded corner.

Settings are not a design failure
There’s a difference between product settings that a product needs to get right by default and preferences that designers deliberately shouldn’t have a strong opinion on.

The A11Y Project
This checklist uses The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) as a reference point.

Your one size fits all persona doesn’t work and what to do about it
The what, why, and how of persona permutations

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