Experience Design Weekly #112 – Design Beyond Deliverables & IA That’s Easy

Design Beyond Deliverables & IA That's Easy

“Creating an interface is much like building a house: If you don’t get the foundations right, no amount of decorating can fix the resulting structure.”
Jef Raskin


Design Beyond Deliverables
Shape meaningful conversations around early-stage design, and get better feedback.

How To Create An Information Architecture That Is Easy To Use
In most cases, stakeholders are the worst people to decide on the information architecture. Paul Boag shares an alternative process.

Beyond Technology: The intersection between society, technology, and design
How we shape our technology, and our technology shapes us.

Confirmation Bias in UX
People tend to prefer information that confirms their existing beliefs and to undervalue information that contradicts their beliefs. With the appropriate research methods, confirmation bias can be recognized and avoided in UX design.

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