Experience Design Weekly #12 – Search-Log Analytics & the State of Enterprise UX

Enterprise Software User Experience

“Asking users to adopt new behaviours or even modify their existing behaviours is very, very hard.”


The state of enterprise UX design in 2017
Think about all the frustrating products you’ve used at work. Expense reporting apps. Outdated CRM systems. Database management tools. In the world of B2B products, UX has historically been an afterthought. But the status quo is changing.

Norman’s Three Levels of Design
In the human mind there are numerous areas responsible for what we refer to as emotion; collectively, these regions comprise the emotional system. Don Norman proposes the emotional system consists of three different, yet interconnected levels, each of which influences our experience of the world in a particular way.

The Most Crucial Design Job Of The Future
If artificial intelligence has any hope of expanding our understanding of the world, rather than simply reflecting old biases, it needs radical transparency. What does that mean? In part, it’s about giving consumers access to an algorithm’s data set, so they can make informed decisions about the technology that increasingly shapes their lives.

Search-Log Analysis: The Most Overlooked Opportunity in Web UX Research
Introduction Analysis of site-search logs is one of the biggest missed opportunities in UX research. Much emphasis is placed on external search optimization (getting the visit) but less attention is paid to on site-search optimization (serving the visitor).

Putting audiences at the heart of VR
Audience research into VR usage in homes across the UK, led by Dr Neil Stevenson at Ipsos Connect and Tim Fiennes at the BBC.


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