Experience Design Weekly #16 – UX Conversations & Testing Chatbots

UX Conversation & Chatbots

“In order to design for understanding, we need to understand design.”
Erik Spiekermann


Data-Driven Dynamic Design
Imagine a day when we are able to craft app experiences that adapt to each user and their behaviour, on the go… that day is not too far away!

Stop doing user interviews. Start having conversations.
Take a step back, for a moment. What is a user interview? If yours are like mine, it’s essentially sitting down with a complete stranger, asking them quite personal questions about their life, and hoping they’ll answer truthfully and openly enough that you can use what they say to design your product. It’s kind of weird, really.

Playbook for Testing Chatbots
Chatbottest is an open source Playbook of 120 questions (and counting) that you can use for free to test your chatbot and its UX. Similar to what you get with an Heuristic Evaluation on traditional interfaces, with this guide you will be able to find out what users will expect from their interaction.

Data Viz Project
Collection of data visualisations to get inspired and finding the right type.

Plain vs. Simple in Product Design
In a time where simple design is highly sought after and expected of good designers, are we also striving for plain? What is the difference? How do we create designs that are simple, without being too mundane?


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