Experience Design Weekly #17 – Distilling Design Systems & Ambient Experiences

Ambient Driven Experiences & Distilling Design Systems

“Want to grow as a designer? Spend most of your time thinking about how it works, as opposed to how it looks.”
Josh Puckett


Distilling How We Think About Design Systems
Have you all heard of this cool new thing called design systems? They’re popping up everywhere. They’re not really new, but more of a distillation of a lot of things we’ve been starting to do for a long time now.

Google Is Really Good At Design
The stuff Google showed off on October 4 was brazenly designed and strangely, invitingly touchable. These gadgets were soft, colorful… delightful? They looked human, but like something future humans had made; people who’d gotten righteously drunk with aliens.

Artificial Intelligence And The Age Of Empathy
Lately, AI has been the source of various articles and discussions. A new frontier, a new era, and a new industrial revolution have been dawning. Google’s chairman Eric Schmidt calls this fourth industrial revolution: “the age of intelligence.”

The UX of Ambient-Driven Experiences
In today’s world, privacy and security is a major concern with customers, the experience design of new technologies like Facial Recognition and AI will be even more challenging.

The cult of conversational design and why forms aren’t dead yet
Everywhere we looked, conversational UIs were breaking out of messaging apps and into the products we use every day, from shoe shopping to cosmetics and everything in between.


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