Experience Design Weekly #21 – DesignOps & Prototyping Voice UI

DesignOps & Prototyping Voice UI

“We need to stop worrying about proving the value of design and just focus on outcomes that provide value.”
Denis Weil


Why our industry is paying more attention to Design Ops in 2018
Where design is a standalone entity and creative delivery stalls, the commercial and cultural impact across the organisation can be harmful.

A simple way to prototype voice interfaces
Using Workflow app on iOSVoice UI was the hot topic last year and will continue to be so in 2018.

The UX of AI
Trust and self-efficacy. One of the reasons Google invested in Clips was because of how deeply important it was to demonstrate the importance of on-device and privacy-preserving machine learning to the world—not to mention its remarkable capabilities.

Understanding the Lifecycle of Service Experiences
As awareness and capability grows for service design, more and more people are talking about “service experiences.” We are “designing for service experiences,” we are “delivering service experiences,” and we are “experiencing services.” But what makes up a service experience?

A Comprehensive Guide To UX Research
Your job title might not be “design researcher”, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t at the very least inform yourself of your users and their needs by undertaking at least some initial scoping research before you embark upon a project.


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