Experience Design Weekly #23 – The Divisiveness of Design Thinking

UX Design Thinking

“Anything we can do to make things simpler and more transparent is a plus.”
Cap Watkins


How To Map Your Customer’s Journey
To identify the opportunities for growth along the customer lifecycle, it is first important to understand the customer’s experience engaging with the company and its product or service.

Returning to our senses
If a Tree Falls in the Forest… BRAZIL BEGAN USING SATELLITE imaging to monitor deforestation during the 1980s. This was the first large-scale, coordinated response to loggers and ranchers who had been illegally clearing the rainforests, and it worked, for a time.

The divisiveness of design thinking
Design thinking is “kind of like syphilis,” wrote Lee Vinsel of the Stevens Institute of Technology in a recent widely shared article. Other popular critical perspectives on design thinking include designer Natasha Jen’s “Design Thinking Is Bullshit” and, as far back as 2011, Bruce Nussbaum’s “Design Thinking Is a Failed Experiment. So What’s Next?”

5 more drawing exercises
The following exercises are a bit more advanced than the ones in the “Quick beginner’s guide to drawing”, and I hope you find them equally fun! We are going to focus on different aspects of observation to strengthen our visual thinking.

Service Design and UX Design: What’s the Difference?
Chances are you loaded this page because you’ve heard of service design but aren’t clear what it is. Don’t worry, you’re in good company — finding your way around the many disciplines and specializations in today’s design world is a job in itself.


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