Experience Design Weekly #29 – Designing with Difficult Data & Usability Maturity Models

Designing with Data & usability maturity models

“Live in the leading—the spaces in between the rules.”
stefan mumaw


The fundamental job of design is not great design
The real job of design is changing organizations and charting a path to the future.What is the fundamental job of design?

Design with Difficult Data
It may not seem like it matters what you put in for a placeholder name. It won’t end up in the final product—it’s just a variable. Well, it does matter.

The Role of Observation in User Research
User research consists of two core activities: observing and interviewing. Since we’re most interested in people’s behavior, observing is the most important of these activities because it provides the most accurate information about people, their tasks, and their needs.

4 Creative Mobile Onboarding Concepts
Onboarding is a term used by UX designers to describe a process of getting users “up and running” with a site, app, or service. Successful onboarding increases the likelihood that a first-time user becomes a full-time user after adopting a product.

Creating Usability Maturity Models for Large-Scale Projects
We had been reporting on the usability testing outcomes on this project all along; how could he not know if we were ready? After we closed our jaws and took a few deep breaths, we teased him a little by saying, “Weren’t you there for our presentations?”


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