Experience Design Weekly #30 – Voice for the Workforce & Meaningful Micro interactions

Voice for the Workforce & Meaningful Micro interactions

“Design isn’t finished until somebody is using it.”
Branda Laurel


Creating meaningful micro-interactions
While design solves universal problems, micro-interactions are the delightful moments your users have while using the product.

Versioning Design Systems
Designers want the latest. Developers balance tradeoffs of new quality with scale and maintenance. Systems should clean up that conversation.

Designing your UI for feature discovery with user research data
There are plenty of reasons to optimize your UI with user testing, but one of the best reasons is to increase user engagement.

Framer X Is Here
Are the days of Sketch and Figma over? Not quite, but and interesting alternative.

Salesforce’s newest AI product Einstein Voice is like Amazon’s Alexa for the workforce
Consumer voice assistants like Alexa and Siri have completely rewired the way people interact with technology, and soon the same will be possible for workers using Salesforce.


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