Experience Design Weekly #33 – Transition to Figma & Nailing Product / Market Fit

Transition to Figma & Nailing Product / Market Fit

“Badly designed business software makes people dislike their jobs. Their productivity suffers, errors creep into their work, they try to cheat the software, and they don’t stay in the job very long.”
Alan Cooper


Introducing Figma Smart Selection
A game changer in product design for SUS – we love what the team at Figma are doing by making designer and developer working practises closer. They’ve reached the tipping point of value for us (Remember the swap from Photoshop to Sketch?) and we’re now making the transition.

Why Design Thinking Is Taking The World By Storm
The term Design Thinking is spreading like a semantic virus. It’s spreading in an increasing pace and is able to attach itself to a lot of things.

Nailing Product/Market Fit
In this video, Alan Chiu pulls from his experience in product management and as a seed-stage venture capitalist to showcase a variety of case studies on companies who have perfected product/market fit.

Write people up for their design crimes with this ticket book
Type designers at Hoefler & Co. created the novelty gift item as a send-up of type abusers and snobby designers alike.

How to Use Voice Interaction in Augmented Reality
When you design voice commands, make sure they are brief and simple, so they’re easy for users to utter and remember.


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