Experience Design Weekly #34 – New Breed Design Research Tools & When Your Design System Fails

New Design Research Tools & When Your Design System Fails

“Designing through assumption rather than understanding your users and validation is like playing darts in the dark. You might hit bullseye but the chances of doing so are extremely slim.”
Abhay Rautela


A New Breed of Design Research Tools
The design researchers of today need only bring along a smartphone hooked up to a few complementary gadgets and software to capture and save quality audio, video and images.

How to Retain More Users With Value-based Onboarding
Brand new users aren’t committed to your product when they first sign up. They’re just trying it out.

Motion Design in Digital Experiences of the Future
Exploring the concept of motion design in the interfaces of the future with Artificial Intelligence (AI) assistants.

When Your Design System Fails
We’ve heard a lot about great design systems, but what happens when they don’t work out? Paperless Post product teams explains all.

Camilo: a tool for one-click brand change in Sketch 52
Working on a white label products and platforms has always been a challenge: a global product that requires customizable branding. Neat little add-on for Sketch 52.


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