Experience Design Weekly #35 – Kill Your Personas & Microinteractions in UX

Kill Personas & Micorinteractions in UX

“Clear content, simple navigation, and answers to customer questions have the biggest impact on business value. Advanced technology matters much less.”
Jakob Nielsen


Kill Your Personas
We’ve since realised a problem with personas. They are inherently an amalgamation, an average of attributes that we imagine our average customer has. And there’s no such thing as the average customer.

Microinteractions in User Experience
Microinteractions convey system status, support error prevention, and communicate brand. They are initiated by a trigger, are single-purpose, and can make the experience engaging.

Improving Onboarding with Employee Experience Journey Mapping: A Fresh Take on a Traditional UX Technique
A creative method for applying the UX technique of journey mapping to improve the onboarding experience of new employees in any organization.

Scoping User Research
Scoping a project’s user-research phase is a classic Catch-22 situation. Before a project even begins, you must plan the research activities and the time necessary to perform them, but you’ll rarely have enough information to make these decisions optimally until after the project begins.

Demonstrating the Value of User Experience to Enterprise Product Teams, Part 1
When UX professionals are working with product teams who know their unique domain much better than they do, it can be particularly difficult to demonstrate the value of User Experience.


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