Experience Design Weekly #38 – Motion in Design Systems & 10 UX Trends from Google

Motion in Design Systems & 10 UX Trends from Google

“A design system is not a pattern library, brand guidelines or a Sketch file. It’s a system of living principles, guides and components used by designers and developers to build consistent products and experiences. A design system is a product: it has users, roadmaps, releases, features, maintenance, bugs, documentation and support.”
Yaili de León


Incorporating Motion Into Design Systems
We can find inspiration for incorporating motion into our designs all around us. A whole culture of inspiration board websites have sprung to life to help with this — and you can even learn a lot about motion theory just by watching TV with a critical eye.

10 UX Trends at Google
A Mobile UX Lead shares insights from partnering with over 150 web development teams.

What’s the Difference Between Variable and Parametric Fonts?
Learn it now, because these shapeshifting fonts are only getting better, and more common.

Voice User Interfaces (VUI) — The Ultimate Designer’s Guide
While there’s a vast spectrum of VUI, they all share a set of common UX fundamentals that drive usability.

7 Principles That Influence Our Behaviour
The suggestion that something is in scarce supply makes us want it more.

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