Experience Design Weekly #42 – High Performing Teams & Designing for Less

High Performing Teams & Designing for Less

“Choose the right purpose; people will be attracted, motivated, & unified.”
Robert Wong


High-performing Teams
In this Mind the Product talk, Richard Banfield looks at what makes high-performing teams work.

Designing for less
Now, as users, we’re starting to feel the effects of having our attention kidnapped by too many services — and companies are feeling the backlash of seeing engagement decrease. How do we design with healthier behaviors in mind?

Radical Everything
Interesting report by Wolff Olins. Only 6% of people think businesses should carry on with existing methods. Everyone else, regardless of age, seniority and geography, believes they should challenge convention and create new ways of doing things.

The User Experience of Customer-Service Chat: 20 Guidelines
Chat is hard to find on many websites; it is often inefficiently designed and supplies too superficial information.

An Enterprise UX Process
One of the common challenges of Enterprise design is adapting the process to a constrained environment. Constraints I want to evaluate are related to a specific platform — Now by ServiceNow.


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