Experience Design Weekly #44 – Designing for Tomorrow & High-performing Innovation Teams

Designing for Tomorrow & High-performing Innovation Teams

“Design based on data brings us back to its essence & will leave out all unnecessary decoration.”
Jeanne De Bont


Outgrowing Advertising: Multimodal Business Models as a Product Strategy
Product success is not just about having a good product, but also having the right business model(s). Expanding sources of revenue pushes us to think beyond what we know, and creates the infrastructure that opens up new opportunities.

Interpreting Contradictory UX Research Findings
If your product looks good from one perspective and bad from another, you have to check the methodology and try to interpret the findings.

Fielding high-performing innovation teams
Innovation is a team sport. For projects to succeed, they must be staffed with the right combination of talent.

Designing for Tomorrow
Anyone who works in tech knows the industry has taken a beating in recent years for its perceived lack of morals and careless culture of “move fast, break things.”

The Era of “Move Fast and Break Things” Is Over
In short, the “move fast and break things” era is over. “Minimum viable products” must be replaced by “minimum virtuous products”—new offerings that test for the effect on stakeholders and build in guards against potential harms.


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