Experience Design Weekly #45 – Post Mortem of Growth Hacking & The Impact of Design Systems

Post Mortem of Growth Hacking & The Impact of Design Systems

“Any product that needs a manual to work is broken.”
Elon Musk


Reorder your Chain of Beliefs with a leaner Lean Canvas
While sketching out a complete Lean Canvas is a great exercise for baselining an idea and internalising the “business model as the product” mindset, at the earliest stages, however, it helps to more narrowly focus attention on just the two outer boxes of the canvas: Customer segment and Problem.

A Post Mortem on Growth Hacking
People spoke of growth hacking and hired for a growth hacker as if it were a panacea. Many months later they found themselves optimizing a product that consumers didn’t care for, dangerously short on cash, and with zero interested investors or buyers.

Measuring the Impact of a Design System
Interesting article about measuring the impact of a design system by looking at the number of changes in an application’s codebase.

How to Implement Design System Thinking to a Product
Be productive and helpful to your team by integrating a correct design process as an instrument for development in the product’s future.

Moving Beyond the Screen to the Ecosystem Will Save Design
Design methods from a user perspective, can have far greater impact in an organization when applied to the entire ecosystem than to just the product design.


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