Experience Design Weekly #49 – Experiment Flow & Continuous Discovery Mindsets

Experiment Flow & Continuous Discovery Mindsets

“The only way to win is to learn faster than anyone else.”
Eric Ries


Principles of Experiment Flow
Running experiments for your product and business can be overwhelming, but there are ways to manage the process by following three simple principles.

Adopting a Continuous Discovery Mindset Across the Organisation
We may not realise it, but when we set out to increase employee engagement, improve team efficiency, or expand knowledge sharing in our organisations, we are tackling design challenges.

Contextual Menus: Delivering Relevant Tools for Tasks
Contextual menus are displayed on demand and contain a small set of relevant actions, related to a control, a piece of content, a view in an app, or an area of the UI. When designed right, they deliver relevant tools for completing tasks without adding clutter to the interface.

Your Product Vision is Important. Validating it, even more so.
We often tend to set and forget it, leaving our product vision to languish as we race off to deliver it. However, a product vision needs to adapt and change over time.

Google’s 3 Principles of Product
Product. As part of the tech community then you’ve probably already said the word “product” today. You’re co-workers have likely said it a few times over the week. Your job may even have product your job title. But, how often do you step back to consider what it actually means?


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