Experience Design Weekly #58 – Rise of the Meta-Designer & Strategy Maps

Rise of the Meta-Designer & Strategy Maps

“’Design creates culture. Culture shapes value. Values determine the future.’”
Robert L. Peters


Collaboration and Transparency: The Keys to Effective Organizations
Communication, collaboration, and continuous feedback are essential to efficient, effective companies.

Rise of the Meta-Designer
This is the profound challenge of meta-design: actually designing the conditions for good design to emerge and thrive.

Well-Balanced Priorities: Long-Term Roadmaps Vs. Short-Term Roadmaps
Why you need a roadmap for short-term plans and a roadmap for long-term plans.

Product Discovery or Product Delivery: How do you Decide?
The degree of uncertainty should determine whether you need to run product discovery or whether you can begin to deliver a solution to your user.

Cognitive Maps, Mind Maps, and Concept Maps: Definitions
Cognitive maps, concept maps, and mind maps are diagramming techniques that can be utilized throughout the UX process to visualize knowledge and surface relationships among concepts.


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