Experience Design Weekly #6

Essential UX Books to Read in 2017

“If there’s a ‘trick’ to it, the UI is broken.”
Douglas Anderson


Creating User Flows for Mixed Reality
The rules for mixed reality content creation are still in flux. This is an exciting time to be working in mixed reality because there isn’t a standard way of designing yet. Once more content is created, the audience for mixed reality will grow, and we’ll be able to see which designs work and which don’t.

The Path to Design System Maturity
In today’s software landscape, we’re no longer limited to feelings of inadequacy from just perusing Dribbble. Now we can feel insecure because we’ve never created a design system even half as robust as the ones above.

Why I left Sketch + Invision like a old sock. (or why I love Figma)
I’ve had a love affair with Sketch since beta. It was the breath of fresh air from the ominous cloud that is/was Adobe. It scratched my itch to be smart, relevant, modern for our profession as software designers. For the last few years, I’ve been a Sketch only kind of guy. I’ve moved entire design teams away from Adobe and into the welcoming arms of Sketch.

Font Map
This interactive map of more than 750 fonts has been organized using machine learning.

Design Better Data Tables
Data is useless without the ability to visualize and act on it. The success of future industries will couple advanced data collection with a better user experience, and the data table comprises much of this user experience.


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