Experience Design Weekly #60 – Product Innovation & The Tinkering Mindset

Product Innovation & The Tinkering Mindset

“Every great design begins with an even better story.”
Lorinda Mamo


Product Innovation Is Not Enough
We’d all like to believe that innovators with the best product win. Sometimes that’s true. But in the consumer world, where your product is easily observable by your competitors, product innovation is a fleeting advantage.

Great Products Do Less, But Better
When feature bloat can hurt more than help your business goals.

UX Research: The Tinkering Mindset
Researchers working in the instructional-learning field refer to the concept of understanding through play as tinkering.

Creating High-Performance Innovation Teams at Scale
We’re on a continuous journey to try to understand the dynamics of what makes a top-performing innovator. In that journey, we’ve continuously come back to this topic of organization—and more specifically, talent.

Plugins For Figma
Plugins to extend Figma have finally arrived.


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