Experience Design Weekly #61 – Enterprise Product/Market Fit & Simultaneous Triangulation

Enterprise Product/Market Fit & Simultaneous Triangulation

“Don’t underestimate the ripple effect of what you do.”
Leila Janah


Product Portfolio Management: Success at Scale
Product management can be hard enough, but when you scale beyond more than one product, product portfolio management is a critical tool to prioritise between multiple products, ensure resources are assigned to the right products, and that you have a pipeline of new product ideas ready to grow.

Ecosystem Businesses Are Changing the Rules of Strategy
The rules of competitive strategy are not getting any simpler. But a good first step to navigating them is to understand that the traditional moat-based logic of strategy doesn’t work well in a world of platforms and ecosystems.

Simultaneous Triangulation: Mixing User Research & Data Science Methods
Together, User Research and Data Science provide complementary perspectives that mutually enhance each other. By combining these disciplines, we can gain a holistic understanding of multiple forms of data and mitigate the blindspots of a single research method alone.

Build Your Design System With These 8 Real-world Lessons
From treating it like a product to defining principles and ‘A.B.U.,’ here are key things to remember along the way.

This is the world’s worst UI—and it speaks volumes about design today
Great example of how NOT to design a form.


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