Experience Design Weekly #63 – Eight Pillars of User Research & Product Roadmap Prioritisation

User Research & Product Roadmap Prioritisation

“Most business models have focused on self interest instead of user experience.”
Tim Cook


The Eight Pillars of User Research
How can you get started with Research Ops unless you understand what’s important to User Researchers?

Data-driven design Pt. I
Stay away from fake or seemingly realistic data and use as much as possible the real thing.

Design Thinking Isn’t User Experience
Design thinking is everywhere, but definitions and interpretations vary. Is it a paradigm allowing you to “think like a designer?” A platform for creating innovation? If nothing else, it’s a cottage industry offering endless training, workshops and certifications.

Product Roadmap Prioritisation
Getting the product roadmap prioritisation right is a common challenge. Which items should be addressed first? Which ones can be delayed?

When To Do a Design Sprint and When To Do Something Else
Is a Design Sprint right for my challenge?


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