Experience Design Weekly #64 – Problems with Agile & MVP RIP?

Problems with Agile & MVP RIP?

“I get very uncomfortable when someone makes a design decision without customer contact.”
Dan Ritzenthaler


Artificial Intelligence and User Experience
Some teams get carried away by the technology and start thinking the AI capabilities alone are going to persuade people to use the product. But they won’t—unless the product actually solves customers’ problems effectively.

Ryan Singer On The Problems With Agile Today
Ryan Singer on why companies are adopting the alternative development model.

Customer Retention is the New Conversion
The new SaaS model is subscription revenue-driven, which begs the question: what is a conversion today? After all, we don’t buy software these days; we subscribe to it.

It’s Time to Stop Designing “Minimum Viable Products”
The general population has grown high expectations for their apps, so it’s become important to redefine “viable” as needing to grant a degree of comfort and a modicum of delight.

The Aesthetic-Accessibility Paradox
Highly accessible interfaces are easier on the eyes of the visually impaired, but harsher on the eyes of the normal-visioned. On the flip side, highly aesthetic interfaces are easier on the eyes of the normal-visioned, but harsher on the eyes of the visually impaired.


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