Experience Design Weekly #68 – Big Data and Goal-Centric Design Strategies

Holistic UX Design and Product Strategy

“Design based on data brings us back to its essence & will leave out all unnecessary decoration.”
Jeanne De Bont


Towards Goal-Centric Design
People need technology that can help them see their goals to completion by augmenting existing plans, noticing without nagging, and nudging at the right time. To be truly humane and helpful, technology needs to see the world the same way people do.

Encourage Design System Buy-in Through Component Scorecards
Evaluating design system components with a scorecard can benefit subscribers by providing them with transparency and guidance for the developers creating those components.

UX Workshops vs. Meetings: What’s the Difference?
Meetings are for sharing information; workshops are for solving a problem or reaching an actionable goal. We compare the differences in purpose, scope, length, structure, and preparation time for workshops and meetings.

Cascading OKRs at scale
How do you avoid the slow waterfall of goals? Use OKRs to direct your people toward desired outcomes and trust them enough to figure out how.

Big Data: Revolutionizing UX Design Strategies, Part 2
The rise of big data has given businesses the opportunity to gain access to data that can be helpful during strategy development.


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