Experience Design Weekly #69 – Iconic Icons and Design Thinking

Iconic Icons and Design Thinking

“Genius is the ability to reduce the complicated to the simple.”
C.W. Ceram


Is being too data-driven dangerous?
The data-driven mindset has become a necessity in modern companies because of the amount of data generated by digitalization, but to what extent could an excessive data-driven approach turn out to be toxic at the end?

If Engineers Talk To Users, Do We Still Need Designers?
Engineers build complex machines. Designers (this includes UXR and CS) create machines that people enjoy using.

Iconic Icons: Designing the World of Windows
To design for Windows is to design for the world. We’re dedicated to making our icons familiar, beautiful, and inclusive within the modern phenomena of cross-platform, cross-device experiences.

8 Different Ways to Organize Your Backlog to Make it More Impactful
Revisiting how your backlog is organised regularly is a must — it could make the difference of your backlog becoming a dumping ground and an effective tool that powers your product.

On Design Thinking
Design is a talismanic word with nearly infinite meanings. Design thinking” is: using a particular set of design methods to solve problems that traditionally have fallen outside the purview of design.


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