Experience Design Weekly #71 – Designer-Developer Collaboration and the Dangers of ‘Innovation’

Designer-Developer Collaboration and the Dangers of 'Innovation'

“Anything we can do to make things simpler & more transparent is a plus”
Cap Watkins


5 Principles for Better Designer-Developer Collaboration | Adobe XD Ideas
Prescriptive guides on how to hand off designs to developers are easy to follow and cross out from one’s list. But are they future-proof enough?

Building a Design Systems Library with Figma & Scripter
In this article, the author shares examples of using Scripter to help build design systems libraries in Figma, automating tasks that would have otherwise taken hours or even days to complete.

Stop Calling It “Innovation”
The word “innovation” might speak to your external stakeholders, but when it comes to engaging your employees, it’s time to stop using the word.

The dangerous rise of “crazy-busy” product managers
This article outlines the dangers of “crazy-busy” project manager thinking and the things we can do to combat this counter-productive and potentially harmful mentality.

How to build a bad design system | CSS-Tricks
the more people you have to consult to get something done, the more bureaucracy exists within that company. In short: design systems cannot be effective in bureaucratic organizations.


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