Experience Design Weekly #72 – Apple’s Era of Customisation & User Testing for Voice

Apple's Era of Customisation & User Testing for Voice

“Only move forward with creating a product that will be ‘above the bar.”
Brian Lawley


Simple design is dead. Welcome to Apple’s era of customisation
Apple has found, as it has scaled to nearly every corner of the earth, that one size doesn’t fit all.

Different Information-Seeking Tasks: Behaviour Patterns and User Expectations
NNG identified three different types of online information-seeking behaviours based on their purpose.

Usability Testing for Voice Content
As the interest in interfaces driven by voice continues to reach new heights around the world, so too will users’ expectations and the best practices that guide their design.

What is better than done?
So, what’s best? Is it done or perfect?

Worry less about spacing in Figma
Use spacers and auto-layout in Figma to speed up your spacing game in interface design.


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