Experience Design Weekly #74 – DesignOps Value & Essential UX Research Tools Map

DesignOps Value & Essential UX Research Tools Map

“Good design is honest.”
Dieter Rams


The Comeback of Fun in Visual Design
A swing of the pendulum. A reemergence of fun in visual design.

The 2020 Essential UX Research Tools Map
A map to the universe of the best user research tools to find gaps and overlaps.

The design systems between us
Ethan’s perspective on the latest in design systems. Have existing divisions between design and implementation become entrenched?

What is DesignOps and how can it benefit your business?
Your chosen DesignOps will be vastly different from those used by another organisation and will be very much tailored to your available resources and the skills of your design teams.

Apple at Work – The Underdogs
An ode to remote working that captures all the frustrations, family responsibilities, and video blunders that come with working from home.


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