Experience Design Weekly #77 – World Class Product Teams & Design Principles

World Class Product Teams & Design Principles

“Every great design begins with an even better story”
Lorinda Mamo


Proximity Principle in Visual Design
Design elements near each other are perceived as related, while elements spaced apart are perceived as belonging to separate groups.

Product Vision vs Mission
So many people and companies have very fundamental confusions and misconceptions about the product vision – Marty Cagan identifies the confusions

What World Class Product Management Teams Do Differently
In this ProductTank San Francisco talk, Jeff Lash gives some insight into high-performance product management teams.

Crafting Product-Specific Design Principles to Support Better Decision Making
Product design principles (or, in short, design principles) are value statements that frame design decisions and support consistency in decision making across teams working on the same product or service.

Designing Mobile Tables : UXmatters
Tables have an undeserved reputation for being evil and wrong in the digital environment.


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