Experience Design Weekly #78 – Design Systems & Efficient UX

Design Systems & Efficient UX

“The function of design is letting design function”
Micha Commeren


The Role Of Systems Thinking In Organisational Change And Development
Contemporary businesses operate in ecosystems full of interconnectedness and constant feedback loops. Mapping such complex systems helps organisational leaders navigate into adaptive strategies.

Building a Design System? Start with a Map
Start with a Map. Building a system is not an easy task, but it is an enjoyable one.

Building a Design System Library
How we created the Lyft Product Language attributes and component libraries

Lean UX: Expert Tips to Maximize Efficiency in UX
Lean UX gives you an efficient way to create spectacular user experiences. Instead of going through a long process that includes numerous validations, prototypes, and tests, you get straight to the point by turning an idea into the final product.

The importance of aesthetics in Product Design
Aesthetics say who you are. Aesthetics in product design is similar to the visual appearance in real life. It’s important that we dress nice, take a haircut or wear deodorant for work if we want to impress someone and make them comfortable with us. It doesn’t change the value we can give to other people.


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