Experience Design Weekly #8

Essential UX Books to Read in 2017

“To design an easy-to-use interface, pay attention to what users do, not what they say. Self-reported claims are unreliable, as are user speculations about future behaviour.”
Jakob Nielsen


The Psychology Principles Every UI/UX Designer Needs to Know
Psychology plays a big part in a user’s experience with an application. By understanding how our designs are perceived, we can make adjustments so that the apps we create are more effective in achieving the goals of the user.

The Most Efficient Way to Use Icons If You’re A Designer or Developer.
Icons are a huge pain in my ass: They have to look homogenous (similar visual style), They have to have bounding boxes, They have to work when they’re really big and really small, They have to be easy to design with, They have to be easy to code with, They have to be performant (side note: Peter Nowell is the king of SVGs), They have to not piss off your design team…

Skeuomorphism In Conversational Design
Bret Brautigam wrote a thought provoking article on how adding a human voice to a computer could be a form of skeuomorphism. This idea made me wonder… Is any form of conversational design Skeuomorph to some extent?

Digital transformation in the FSI sector: A customer experience battleground
Customers are demanding the brilliant experiences they see with service providers in other industries and this is putting pressure on companies in the FSI sector to respond. New entrants are coming into the market with services built around a more mobile-friendly interface which focuses on delivering superior customer experiences.

Humanizing the Enterprise
Is your company failing to innovate and, consequently, finding itself the target of disruptive innovation? Is the ability to deliver stellar experience outcomes eluding your enterprise? Are you having a hard time attracting and retaining the best employees?


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